Coral Calcium

Coral Calcium: a groundbreaking new form of calcium that goes straight to work in the body … Increased immunity and bone protection

Calcium is not only necessary to maintain healthy bones and teeth, but is also necessary for the proper functioning of muscles, nerves and blood. However, one of the problems with reaping these benefits by taking calcium supplements has always been that most forms of this mineral are unable to reach the cells in your body where they can be used effectively.

Calcium is also important in maintaining the body’s pH level or alkalinity. This is very important because an environment with high acidity may soon endanger your health, exposing you to symptoms such as indigestion and reduced immunity. 1, 2, 3

In addition, calcium acts as an antioxidant – which means it helps remove harmful free radicals that are involved in causing cancer. 4, 5

Fortunately, a new form of calcium has just appeared in the UK, which according to research is easily absorbed by body cells – meaning your health can benefit directly from its therapeutic properties. 6, 7

The name of this new supplement is Coral Calcium and comes from Okinawa – a Japanese island known for its longevity.

Can high calcium content in corals explain the mystery why Okinawani lead such a long and healthy life?

Okinawa Island has the highest percentage of people aged 100+ in Japan. They eat the traditional Eastern diet rich in fresh food, including vegetables and soy, but some scientists suggest that the main factor responsible for their health may also be that they drink water that has passed through the fossilized corals.

Ancient coral in Okinawa is a rich source of calcium that once grew under water. Now the seabed has become land, and the coral has turned to stone. This means that sand-like coral particles can easily be collected and, he claims, without causing damage to the environment.

Another benefit of extracting coral from land instead of the sea is that coral in today’s oceans can be contaminated with unwanted heavy metals, while petrified coral above ground was formed beneath the sea surface thousands of years ago, when the ocean was free of industrial pollution like mercury.

In addition to being rich in calcium, coral also contains magnesium, sodium and potassium – all minerals that are necessary to maintain good health.

As mentioned, one of the main benefits of coral calcium is that it appears to be absorbed much more efficiently than regular calcium supplements. A Japanese study published in 1999 compared calcium levels in two groups of people, one taking coral calcium and the other taking standard calcium supplementation. Blood tests carried out four hours after ingestion showed that the calcium levels in the coral calcium group were even twice as high as those of regular calcium6.

Coral Calcium Benefits

Herbalist John Smith, who is a herbal consultant for Earth Force, the UK source Natural Coral Calcium distributors, has achieved impressive results in patients he has been treating with coral calcium over the past three years. He believes that this form of calcium is so easily absorbed by the body due to the fact that it has already been broken down to some extent. The coral itself was already organically digesting and processing sea minerals, thus carrying out the first stages of the digestion process that normally the human body would have to do.

When minerals are absorbed by a living creature, including humans, one mineral can be antagonistic to the other – making it difficult to achieve the right mineral balance. Fortunately, coral has already done this job successfully – increasing the likelihood that calcium and other trace elements contained in coral calcium will be delivered to your body in the optimal ratio.

According to John Smith: “Twenty or thirty years ago you could get the minerals you needed from food, but now thanks to modern cultivation methods you don’t have. You can get calcium from seaweed and dark green vegetables, but not everyone can eat enough of them. “He says that some supplements can go almost straight through the body without a noticeable effect:” But coral calcium is one supplement absorbed by the body and affects health. “