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It’s like swimming in a rough sea … barely able to keep your head above the water …

I am thinking of the EU directive on traditional herbal medicinal products (THMPD), which will come into force on May 1, 2011.

With so many twists and turns it is difficult to know what is going on in the middle of time.

UK ministers plan to withdraw from the directive, which will bring little benefits

The latest achievement is that the UK government has planned to adopt THMPD to “protect consumers” with herbal products, most of which will disappear from shelves with health food stores after April 30.


According to THMPD, a traditional herbal medicine must be able to prove that it has been used for 30 years in the EU – or 15 years in the EU and 15 years in other countries – to obtain a license.

This “licensing process” costs between 80,000 and 120,000 GBP, which means that many practitioners can hardly afford … As a result, thousands of alternative and natural remedies can be permanently removed from shale … many of which have proven effective .

However, the UK government plans to allow alternative medicine doctors to continue to provide patients with unlicensed herbal medicines … but only if (and always if and if) register (legally) with the Board of Health Specialists. In fact, according to British Secretary of Health Andrew Lansley, herbalists will be classified as “authorized health professionals.”

As a result, we will all be moved back into the corner. Forced to pay through our nose for consulting an “authorized doctor” for something for which we would normally only pay a fraction of the price from the Netherlands and Barret!

Countless herbs, including hawthorn berry, used to relieve angina pectoris and cat’s claw, which many arthritis sufferers refer to, will no longer be stored in health food stores … the only way to get them will be through an authorized healthcare professional. This will have a devastating effect on health food stores … and more …

Once removed from the main street, these blacklist funds will become more expensive because they will not be available at competitive prices, forcing patients to pay the price they are talking about. This definitely will not give patients much choice, but will instead turn alternative medicine into “treatment of choice” for the rich!

Generally hypocrisy

To date, the UK Medicines Regulatory Authority, Medicines and Healthcare Products Regulatory Agency (MHRA) has published a list of 79 herbal products registered for use in the UK … Remember that these are not non-ingredient products … In fact, 27 of 79 registrations are only for two herbs: valerian (15) and echinacea (12) …

To date, only 34 ingredients (plant species) have been approved, none of which are Chinese or Indian (Ayurvedic) herbal products.

More disturbing is that if you look at their labels, you’ll find over 100 “unpleasant” add-ons on most (but not all) registered products.  The latter is recognized by government authorities as causing cancer in laboratory animals.

How it’s working? The MHRA list only approved 34 plant species out of a total of over 1,000 that are commonly used as medicinal herbs … but it is perfectly acceptable to contaminate some of these carcinogens with additives!

Where is the logic in this? Or should I mention it … Where is consumer protection?

Almost a third of approved UK registered products come from pharmaceutical companies! Trust Big Pharma to plunge your hand into the pot of gold …