Supplements: Fight for your continued right to good health

Supplements: Fight for your continued right to good health

I have recently received e-mails from interested HSI members who want to know more about the current situation regarding the EU Food Supplement Directive, of which I regularly inform. So I thought it was a great time to catch up on recent events and let me know how you can get involved in overthrowing the senseless measures of directives.

As I mentioned in previous e-alerts, HSI supports the Alliance for Natural Health (ANH), which is based on the directive – it threatens to ban many dietary supplements and drastically reduces the dose of doses that may remain.

The groundbreaking ANH case campaigning against the directive is currently pending before the European Court of Justice in Luxembourg and the Court is expected to give its judgment in June.

A lot can be done since then. For example, we need to raise awareness that the EU really appreciates the real power of feeling this very important issue of freedom of choice from everyone who can be affected, including supplement consumers, health stores, doctors, distributors and manufacturers.

And that’s not all. A significant number of other important legislative and regulatory measures, such as the EU regulation on nutrition and health claims, which threaten your health freedom as well as the directive on food supplements are in preparation. To continue initiatives to address these threats and to continue the current legal campaign against the Food Supplements Directive, ANH requires significant funding learn more at

How can you help

ANH believes that one of the most effective ways to reach people who take care of supplements are consumers buying supplements and other natural products in health food stores. In the UK alone, there are over 1,000 independent health food stores – and they are central to the Adopt a Health Store campaign, which aims to raise consumer awareness in health food stores, as well as getting the donations needed to keep going.

The existing ANH fundraising campaign based on leaflets reaches some health stores through distributors and product manufacturers, but they need to be sure that every independent health store across the country receives the right number of leaflets, and more importantly that customers get their hands who can make a donation.

That’s why they developed Adopt Health Store; a campaign that asks you to act as the face of ANH in one or more health stores in your area.

This simply includes regularly calling selected health stores to:

Make sure they have enough leaflets.

Encourage the leaflet to be included with every purchase made by the customer.

Make sure the store knows about ANH, what it does and has achieved so far.

Explain that a vitamin ban has every chance to be refuted and that there is every reason to hope.

And finally, to encourage them to inform customers about the real need for donations if unnecessary restrictions on natural health products are to be overcome.

How to participate

To adopt a health store campaign, ANH will provide you with a set of tools for each store, including:

1. As many leaflets as you need to provide each store (about 500 to 1000).

2. A letter explaining to the shop owner what ANH is asking for.

3. Copies of the latest newspaper clippings that stores can display in their windows, as well as give customers to help them understand the situation

The letter and press clippings listed above can be found on the ANH website, which you can print. You will also find a leaflet that you can print and read in advance, telling ANH how many printed leaflets you want.