The fight to save our diet supplements continues

How to save our diet supplements?

Over the past 12 years, we’ve been passionately campaigning against stringent regulations on dietary supplements being introduced across Europe (EU). Our readers were fantastic, showing their support and opposing these draconian measures … they signed petitions and wrote letters to their deputies in thousands.

Now, at eleven o’clock, as the new European Commissioner for Health, Tonio Borg, is trying to harmonize the type and dosage of dietary supplements more than ever, a group of British politicians are finally resisting and protesting against the EU-led summit-supplementation reform.

Better late than never?

Uniform Maximum Permitted Levels (MPL) for nutrients used in food supplements were enshrined in the 2002 EU Food Supplements Directive (FSD), but were prioritized and were not enforced by former EU Health Commissioner John Dalli. This meant that high-dose supplements remained on the market.

However, Tonio Borg wants to move forward and enforce these rights with new energy. In a recent letter to the British newspaper The Telegraph, the liberal democrat Dr. John Pugh, Labor Party MP Kate Hoey and conservative MP Marcus Jones, raised concerns about the harmful effects that this would have on independent health and supplement stores.

British Health

In their letter, they explain that they support consumer rights to access safe high-power supplements. They also call on British Health Secretary Jeremy Hunt to support high-dose dietary supplements such as vitamins and minerals in upcoming meetings with the new EU Health Commissioner. According to MEPs, any change would be “controversial in the United Kingdom, where millions of people have consumed safe vitamin and mineral supplements with higher potency for many decades, without any evidence of significant harm.” If the maximum permitted levels for such nutrients were set as strictly as intended, not only would consumer choice be limited, but the viability of hundreds of independent food retailers would be at risk. ”

Finally sense, that’s all I can say. But I can’t stop thinking, isn’t it too small, too late? Let’s hope not. The bottom line is that the science on which these recipes are based is junk. I hope these politicians will be able to explain to Commissioner Borg that the EU should stop interfering in citizens’ freedoms of citizens, especially in how they decide to manage their health.